Wednesday, January 27, 2010

9/11, Official version is NOT possible, per irrefutable scientific facts. Nanothermite found in the dust.

Plain basic physical and natural laws prove, without doubt, that the official version of 9/11 events is not possible.

Skyscrapers cannot fall on themselves, with the speed close to a free fall, explode up and to the sides, and pulverize into a cloud of pyroclastic dust, with the speed 10 floors per second.

The critical meaning and significance of this reality will have very grave, widest, still unforesen consequences for the country. It is the biggest story of our times.

Neither airplane fuel nor office fire reached temperatures to melt the steel, to bring down 2 buildning in a uniform, regular way down unto themselves, in a cloud of pyroclastic dust.

This was, and is, without doubt, a controlled demolition, using, between other, a high tech military grady explosive nanothermite.

It was meant as a pretext to war to invade Iraq an Afgahanistan, to get rid of potential terrorist attacks.

Video na - engineer Jeff King analyzes how the buildings could have fallen. He reaches the conclusion that it was caused by explosives.

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Profesor Jones uvadi novy, nezvratitelny dukaz o pritomnosti silne vybusniny nano termitu v troskach budov WTC. Jedna se o tedy provokacni akci, o zaminku k valce.

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Pretext to war - explosion. How did this happen? The biggest story of our time.

Pretext to war - explosion. How did this happen? The biggest story of our time.
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